Because it’s one new presentation every hour, I’ll be doing more basic summaries than before. I'm only human (and on just four hours sleep). 

And yes, I know Wenguang and the Myanmar artists have presented already, but the tone from today is decidedly different.
KS: I think this is where the Flying Circus Project really becomes itself, because the Flying Circus is really about a meeting of different artists from different art forms. For the last few days we’ve mostly been in the Myanmar context. So you kind of enter a chaotic space, a confusing space of many ideas about art and different ideas about art. And in a way you see the complexity of different ways of thinking. I encourage you to be in that confusion, that change of context every hour.
Here's the schedule we've planned. Everything's at French Institute/IFB, either at the conference room or the small stage: 

10-11: Nge Lay
11-12: Vuth Lyno
12-1: Vertical Submarine
1-2: LUNCH
2-4: Workshop (Vertical Submarine)
4-6: Workshop (Wen Hui)
6-7: Rachael Swain
7-8: Venuri Perera
8-9: Julie Tolentino

10-11: Anomaa Rajakaruna
11--12 Kaffe Matthews
12-1: Maija Hirvanen
2-6: Workshops (Maija, Julie and/or Rachael)
6-7: Tellervo Kalleinen
7-8: Desire Machine Collective
8-9: Brett Bailey


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