Since I won't actually have much time to blog today (i.e. after I wake up at 7-something), I'm going to take this opportunity to say it's been a blast: these past two weeks have inspired us with both awe, passion and purpose.

As for the events of today, not everyone's joining us in Singapore: Wenguang and Wen Hui have to go to Yunnan, and our Burmese volunteer Andrew is going back to Yangon. The rest of us will be splitting into two groups with different flight plans: some of us are flying via Bangkok, others via Yangon. (Valerie's flown back already to set up tech for Superintense.)

Realise I'm frankly a little nervous - after the wonders of Myanmar, will Singapore just seem kind of bleah to people who're looking forward to more enlightenment?

(As if in reply, the whole of Mandalays had a blackout. Ah, back on again. Cool.)

Interesting fact: due to FCP's name, the staff at Sedona Hotel made the mistake of believing we were representatives of Cirque de Soleil. We've got the variety of passports down, but we don't have the physiques, sadly.

Okay, packing and bed now. Night-night. 


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