You know the SUPERINTENSE sessions we’ve been having for the last few days? Three, four hours of lectures and performances and films on end?

Well, all that was for pussies. Traditionally, SUPERINTENSE has lasted from noon to the wee hours, non-stop, folks drifting in, drifting out, slowly going limp with exhaustion.

And that’s what it’s going to be tonight. 12pm to 1am plus delays, Sithu Zeya to Kaffe Matthews, journalism music art drama dance other! And as a good archivist, I’m gonna stick it all the way out (though I will be taking breaks to pee and poo).

As such, I apologise – no, fuckit, I *hope* my posts will be briefer, more fragmentary, for the sake of my own sanity and health.

Enough with the preambles now. BRING IT AWN.

P.S. We're starting more than half an hour late, 'cos the monsoons have held up the audience.

P.P.S. My interview with Lyno’s gone up on Fridae!


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