I should've titled this "The Most Burmese of the Burmese Days", because it's chock-full of all the films and public intellectuals we witnessed in Yangon and Mandalay. But want to know the truth? Everyone's pooped. How many people wanna turn up on a Sunday noon after four previous days of Superintense, especially since last night ended at two something?

There's 19 members of the audience right now. That includes the Flying Circus people - most of whom have actually flown home already - and less than half of us are actually members of the curious public. I really don't think we did publicity properly. And almost all of today I'm supposed to be here, taking notes on what I've already described before. I've had only two hours' sleep, my tongue is freakishly bitter from my illness, and I'm still catching up on yesterday's posts.

Yeah, this sucks. But at least our small audience seems pretty engaged - asking questions without fear. Communities, private world-making, KS would say. It's a small world after all.


10/19/2013 14:09

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