KS: It’s always good to end in a city with provocation and controversy. I just want to thank the French institute for giving us such a safe space to work in where we could meet Burmese freely and without fear. 
He ended up thanking pretty much everyone – Valerie, Cody, our phenomenal translators Soe Myat Thu and Thet Zaw Win…
KS: Tay Tong… he’s signing everything without questioning if we need it…
All our volunteers, who’ve been working their asses off, falling sick often, with almost no recognition. (I’ll have your photos up soon!) And also us, for participating.
KS: I just want to thank you for working so hard to bridge the gap. There is a gap, and everyone tried in so many different ways to bridge this gap.

And maybe we will come back at different times to this country, and maybe even by next year the gap will be much lesser.

I know many young Burmese are thinking of doing things. Maybe Arts Network Asia can help you by making some impossible things happen.

Oh, and before he ended, a guy called Warren Buttery came up and talked about how he helped to set up Sound Central, a three-day music and art festival in Kabul last year. Rock, graffiti and film screenings, plus Afghanistan’s first ever stage dive.

A little intrusive, but a positive note to end off our stay in the city. So long!


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