Good lord.
Just look at it.
Just look at her.
She's using the records in her hands to play snippets of Arabic music, Italian opera, etc.

Look at Tellervo, who's her assistant for this piece:
Look at her five minutes later:
The way Julie described it, the whole setup is a metaphor for communication: the person above creates signals, teardrop-like pulses of honey through pressure on the bottle: these signals are received by her below.

Anyone was allowed to intervene and replace the dispenser at any point in time, but most of us were too rapt and too chickenshit to do it.

Not me!

It's honestly very strange, very moving to pour: you see her eyes gaping below you as if suffering, hands moving as if asking you to stop, but then you realise she didn't mean stop, it's just another signal. And you're under instructions not to move the thread, or else she can't control the flow of the honey and it might sting her eyes; and you're under instructions to make pearls of honey as huge as possible, which is actually hard with this thin, super-sweet honey that we've purchased, and you have to exert real strength in order to push stuff out of the squeeze-bottle, and then you realise you haven't been looking at her, you've been letting the sweetness fall recklessly...
Lyno and Venuri went up too. So did a girl with long hair from the audience. Oh, and there was deep, oceanic, endless music playing in the background, and stills from Julie's Mohave Desert series playing as a slideshow on the ceiling, so the larger perspective of the performance looked a bit like this:
Very, very awesome. Privileged to see it.


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