Weebly's new for me, and it honestly hasn't been the most friendly program for blogging. (Of course, it is free.) Ideally, I'd like to rearrange the entries here so they run in forward order from Day 1 to Day 18, but that doesn't seem possible. Doesn't even seem to be possible to create an easily clickable calendar of the festival.

So, here's what you can do if you're trying to do research. Go to Categories on the right: select the name of the artist you want to know more about, a location, or a theme. If you're researching the whole of this year's FCP, select the day - Day 01 Yangon, etc. Entries will be displayed in reverse chronological order.

You can also just click on Artist Interviews above to get a sense of how the artists felt about the event in retrospect. Be warned: it's 
I've been dragging my feet on this final post, which I've saved for last because it commemorates the most vital elements of the Flying Circus Project: the administrators, technicians and volunteers who worked behind the scenes to keep things going. 

It's a non-comprehensive list, and it doesn't have everyone's names. Will fill them in via crowdsourcing. Lemme know via comments if I've mislabelled anyone!
Tay Tong (TT), TheatreWorks producer
Kaung Htike Thu (ANDREW CHEN), volunteer
Gweet Nge, volunteer
Thang Mawi (MICHAEL), volunteer
Suu Mon Aung, local coordinator
(name unknown), volunteer
(name unknown), volunteer
(name unknown), volunteer
(name unknown), volunteer
Cody Chen, project manager
Immaculata May Endira (CUCU), volunteer
Hsumon Aung, volunteer
Thurein Myo Win (9-1), volunteer
Soe Myat Thu (SOE), interpreter
Thet Zaw Win, interpreter
Aung Kyaw Myint, volunteer and unofficial photographer
(name unknown), volunteer
Hlaing Moe, technician
Brendan Tan, project manager
Farah Hani, volunteer
Teo Wee Boon, technician
Ian Tan, technician
Cassandra Ronald, volunteer
Nazerunnisha (NISHA), volunteer
Hidayah Haron, volunteer
Rachel Ng, volunteer
Steve Kwek, technician
Lyra Tan, volunteer