It’s a Burmese pagoda guardian lion! Made out of plasticine! On a stick!

While the FCP artists were checking in with Valerie Oliveiro about tech, I went gadding about with my old college friend Cho, and she took me to an awesome little fairground whose name remains a mystery. Got this done for 1000 kyat by a retired boatman. (Asking price was 500, but just look at it. It’s worth several times that much.)
Cho tells me she used to spend all her pocket-money on these things after school. They look good enough to eat – everyone kept asking if it was candy when it brought it to the French Institute.

Only downside is, these things don’t last that long. They’re still soft and unglazed; mine’s already beginning to droop to one side. Makes it all the more precious, I say.

Oh, and to all you conceptual boys and girls : THIS man is an artist.    


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