So Alter U begins today! KS is addressing the 24 new voices.
KS: One of the things we try to do as an international arts group is to invite independent artists. So there are no “national” artists here. And they come from many different fields like you all do, some from visual arts, some from film, some from the field of writing. And we all make so many different kinds of art, and we are involved in so many different fields in our home cities. 

So I would say there is no theme – there is no special theme to our coming here for the next few days. So there is some general direction, but there is no theme. These artists are all making their new work, but at the same time they are all building their own works in their own communities. But at the same time they also building their own worlds, different worlds. 

So in a way one direction of this Flying Circus is a group of people who meet and they are all involved in world creating in different ways. We are now here for about a week and we will be here for a while, so please talk to the visiting artists and have conversations with them.



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