Just one more note before I go to sleep. Yesterday/today, 4 Jan, was actually Myanmar's Independence Day. And yet we didn't see anything out of the ordinary (inasmuch as we know what "ordinary" is). No parades, no anthems, no fireworks.
These are some chalk lines we discovered in the street when we got back to Yangon: volunteers Cucu and 9-1 told us this was evidence of a parade that had taken place.

Another Burmese participant suggested a weirder explanation for the absence of celebrations. Public holidays are usually days for protests: licensed and unlicensed, across nine districts (to be fined by each of the nine districts' mayors) or round and round the Sule Pagoda. These are days of protest, by conservatives and liberals and landowners and farmowners and copper mines, when visiting journalists are so bewildered they don't know which rally to cover.

So when Independence Day comes, the government doesn't want to make too big a fuss of it. Just in case, y'know. Something happens.


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