Yesiree, I'll be flying off in seven hours to Burma/Myanmar, as the official blogger of the Flying Circus Project 2013! I'm pretty psyched about it. Look, I'm even wearing a Dathagiri vs Yama T-shirt to celebrate.
As you may know, I've served as the documenter for the Flying Circus Project twice before: in Vietnam in 2007, when I used Blogger; and in Cambodia in 2010/2011, when I used Wordpress. This time round I'm trying out Weebly - we must keep up with the times, must we not? Even if we're mostly technologically illiterate.

Most of the participants are strangers to me. I met Kaffee Matthews and Tadasu Takamine at FCP 2007 and of course I know the Vertical Submarine folks, Joshua Yang and Fiona Koh, from Singapore exhibitions. Oh, and I've watched Wu Wenguang's Memory II: Hunger when he presented it in Singapore in 2011. But otherwise, there are many new friends to be made.

The most important new friend, of course, is Theatre of the Disturbed, which is TheatreWorks's Myanmese/Burmese partner in this project. More about them later.

For those of you who want to know more about our participants and our programme, I direct you to the FCP's parallel website: That, if I understand correctly, is going to be run as an official, apparently objective blog. This site is where I get to be subjective, interpretive, subversive even.

Now, best to get some sleep. Toodle-pip, my pretties.


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