We took a break while Kaffe set up. When we returned, she was seated at a console in the centre of the room, surrounded by beanbags and stray chairs. 
Kaffe: I wanted to dedicate this whole piece to San who was the video documenter from Myanmar who was turned back at the airport. Here's to him. Thanks.
Three pieces, all performed in the darkness.
The first, a collage of sounds she'd recorded in Myanmar: musical and unmusical, schoolchildren chanting and motorcycles vrooming (I lay on the floor; it was as if traffic was passing beside me). Unfortunately the glory does not really come out in the YouTube clip.

The second, a work from the sonic beds project. Again, the vibrations coursed the wooden floor and into my body. Beautiful.

The third, Vitula Physicata, a collaborative piece which she'd made to simulate the frequencies a violin player feels as she plays the violin. This went on for maybe an hour - improvised, mind you. TOO FREAKING LONG.


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