KS: I love the way Min Thein and May Phue Thet have worked with this couple here to create something that is not so usual. And I think after that to see and to enjoy the work of Shanaanthan and Takamaine… this search to ask what is art, what is a museum in different cities, in Colombo, in Tokyo… it’s very powerful to see these links. 

I think there are so many things that link Sri Lanka and Myanmar, and here I’m not just talking about Buddhist relics. I think that it’s a very special time in Myanmar with so much conflict, and ordinary citizens living between armies. And a search for artists to try to connect some of these memories together in a museum. 
After that we had lunch and broke up to go sightseeing and shopping.
Last three shots explained: there's a multi-staired pagoda where you can climb up the bamboo scaffolding of the stupa; Mriganka has ship piloting experience due to his work on Periferry, and apparently some Burmese kids like to wear empty-framed glasses. Either they're hipsters or Harry Potter fans: I'm not sure.


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