This is Maija Hirvanen, artist and choreographer.
She's being a lot more theoretical than in her last talk - look at the keywords she brings up as resonant in her own practice: 

Performance and everyday media
Mechanisms of re-learning
Relations of art and different belief systems
Collaborative processes in cultural practice (1+1=3)
Performance as collective memory
Expanding the possibilities of choreography.

(Yeah, the question mark was in the original slide.) 
Maija: Can the choreographer be a writer? And if so, how is the pathway different from a journalist? If the choreography is social choreography? Between abstract and non-material things as well as people on stage?    
I'm honestly a little flummoxed by her descriptions of her early works. 7 Days, created based on the way newspapers guide and limit world views; the dynamics of bad news, i.e. worse the news is, the better it sells. Thus a process of reading the newspaper each day for seven days, selecting topics, creating a solo performance to be repeated anywhere. Perception Score: again about how media affects us, "especially how cameras make us perform, like that one there now, recording.” Giving cameras different kinds of roles, inviting audiences to take images and video during performance, creating an archive...

But the work she spent quite some time on was On Ice, inspired by her time as a cheerleader while in art school.
Maija: I got this funny invitation [to be a cheerleader] At that time I was a serious art student, with black hair, reading critical theory. But at the same time, I was thinking thisis an interesting experience because I would never put myself int hat position. And I thought maybe when I’m 80 years old I’ll make a show about this.
But then she met a comedian who wanted to collaborate, and she ended up creating a "feminist humorous identity solo" for her, incorporating their autobiographical experiences.
A cheerleader, no longer as the sideshow, but centrestage, and crazy. In the third picture, she's wailing while putting on T-shirt after T-shirt, printed with truisms: Modesty is the Best Policy, No Pain No Gain, Charity Begins at Home.

Even performed versions of this in an empty ice hall, and in front of a statue of a Finnish suffragette! Had this persona teach a dance class! Performance and pedagogy, something-something!

There was a bit about Operation We, which we talked about last week. But what was cool was she also described some future work. Like Walkopolis, a site-specific work with performers as tourist guides - TRUE HELSINKI: investigating immigration into Helsinki over the last 10,000 years; HELSINKI UNDERGROUND: the ancient wartime tunnels under the city (and associate connotations of the underground); NATURE IN CITY: manmade nature; EXPANDING CITY: the expanding city through the tendrils of urbanisation. This can be adapted for other sites - maybe yours!
And the third leg of Operation We - Days Without Names, about the global future. She imagines it as an international committee of people from all over the world, trying to decide what to do with the newly designated eighth day of the western calendar week.

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