Which is why I'm leaving all these weird "more later" posts below - I wanna sync up now and fill stuff in later! See you in Mandalay!

Update: Call-time was 4:15am in the lobby for the 6:50 flight, so we didn't have much time for sleep. Most of us just didn't;   those of us who did felt there'd been some kind of time warp that gave them only five seconds when they clocked out for three hours.

In miscellaneous drama: Kaffe lost her computer cable (a volunteer brought it back from IFB, phew) and held on to a volunteer's violin bow by accident (Hsumon should be able to collect it from reception). TT had the good sense not to try and bring along the electric fans we brought, but Cody had to pack in the printer and I had to stuff two giant coffee dispensers into my backpack. And lots of other craziness, I'm sure. They don't tell me everything. They know I'm listening.


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